The Top Solana-Driven Phantom Wallet to Go Multichain with Ethereum and Polygon

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While web3 integration is gaining momentum, the highly-competitive landscape pushes major players to constant evolution and evolvement. Thus, the leading Solana-based crypto wallet Phantom is about to enter the multichain future by adopting Ethereum and Polygon.

The news came as no surprise after the leading Solana-driven NFT marketplace Magic Eden had integrated with Polygon’s MATIC blockchain. Phantom, which has always interacted with the NFT platform simply couldn’t stay on the margins of the broad trend, especially while the leading competitors like the top Ethereum wallet MetaMask keep scaling their crypto portfolios.

On November 29th, Phantom wallet posted a long series of tweets, revealing its intentions to go multichain, with the heading post reading: “Coming soon: one wallet for everything. Excited to announce we are adding support for Ethereum and Polygon.”

The next tweet in the feed reports that the most widely-used Solana wallet was “actually founded with the intent of going multichain towards Ethereum, and we have been hard at work for months developing a wallet that makes Web3 more cohesive for both users and developers.”

While Magic Eden’s Polygon integration opened the doors to the rapidly evolving web3 gaming in front of the marketplace, the Phantom wallet also hopes to become an all-in-one tool for NFTs, games, and apps, powered by blockchain. Indeed, integration with Ethereum and Polygon, puts the wallet on the one bar with the leaders, making it compatible with major platforms like OpenSea, UniSwap, Instagram, and others.

Currently, it is known that Phantom will incorporate advanced transaction previews, warnings in real time, round-the-clock live support, and easy-to-understand contracts. These features have long been strived for by users. Upon the release, the updates will eliminate the possibility of scams, exploits, and the need for brain-wrecking blockchain tech knowledge.

Moreover, the Phantom wallet will also enable users to manage listings, burn spam tokens, and showcase NFTs on multiple devices and gadgets.

Currently, Phantom’s Ethereum and Polygon integrations are already available in beta mode via the wallet’s browser extension, as well as on iOS and Android apps. According to the company’s CEO, Brandon Millman, the official lunch will occur in early 2023.

The exact date of the major update is still shady, but you can already get a WL spot for the new wallet on Phantom’s official website.

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