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The Sandbox and VulcanVerse Combine to Farm Cross-Platform NFTs

When two metaverses collide, great things happen. To reinforce this assertion, The Sandbox has joined forces with the Vulcanverse for a unique non-fungible giveaway, providing fans with the opportunity to farm exclusive NFTs by staking $PYR-$SAND pairs.

Arriving “soon” via the recently launched VulcanDex, a limited supply of 400 cross-platform NFTs are on the way. These will represent 200 Sand Wizard NFTs which are usable in the VulcanVerse as playable companions, as well as 200 Charon Ferrymen, adapted for integration with The Sandbox.


These excellent collectibles are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order to participate, interested parties must first provide liquidity to the VulcanDex by contributing $PYR-$SAND pairs via the platform. Then, staking the resulting Liquidity Provider (LP) token in the farming pool. Following the completion of the event, participants will then be able to claim their farmed NFTs.

The promotion is due to begin sometime in November. Therefore, keep tabs on the VulcanDex Twitter feed for the full announcement and prepare some $SAND and $PYR tokens in your Polygon wallet!

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