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Guest post by Lana Denina

The Mona Lana is a collection of 500 unique portraits of women randomly generated through coding using 114 different painted traits.

They are the Mona Lisa of the ETH blockchain. They are elegant, mysterious, and valuable.

This is a female-empowering project, which promotes diversity throughout Web 3.0 and enables collectibles collectors to buy fine art. The project is a hybrid between an ‘edition’ and a ‘collectibles’ project due to the limited supply.

My inspiration

The project is inspired by futuristic fashion design and 3D printing fashion. While making the project I’ve tried to paint the most inclusive and diverse features possible so anyone could identify to at least one Mona. You can easily observe how diverse in terms of texture and curl pattern the hairstyles are, while still staying minimalistic. In my culture, hair is extremely important – as women, we change our hair a lot, as often as we buy new clothes. This is why I’ve accentuated the artistic side of the hairstyles.

The makeup properties are inspired by makeup brands and each trait is a makeup shade/type name, such as the «  ruby lips » or « whispie lashes ». The Mona Lana series is pretty much a fashion editorial. I’m originally from the south of France and Benin, living in Canada. When I was young, my grandmother would take me to the Louvre museum whenever we had the chance. This is where I met the Mona Lisa and fell in love with this small painting everyone was intrigued with. I remember being mesmerized by her and her unique look. The Mona Lana is a celebration of my early days as a young artist and my early days as an artist on the blockchain. 

Empowering women & supporting artists

Each Mona Lana will act as a key entry to Lana Denina’s exclusive sales and airdrops, thus every Mona Lana holder will have advantages that no other collectors have.

Also, a percentage of the sales of the project will be reintegrated in Cyber Baat DAO – a new DAO created to support creators of African descent in the metaverse – and to women’s shelters in Canada to fight against domestic violence. This project has been created to help support other artists of the blockchain, empower women in tech, and put forward fine digital art in the collectibles market.

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