The Dollar Store has Always been the Best Place to Get Cool stuff for a Dollar — Founder’s Interview

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Hi there folks! We are joined by one of the youngest interviewees today — William from Dollar Store Kids! 

Chris: What was the inspiration for Dollar Store Kids?

William: The Dollar Store has always been the best place to get cool stuff for a dollar.

Chris: What makes Dollar Store Kids unique?

William: There’s a dollar inside each NFT which is cool cuz you can get your dollar back any time.

Chris: What are the benefits to holders of the NFT?

William: I will be ur best friend forever and you will have one dollar.

Chris: How many NFTs are there going to be and what traits?

William: Three three three three and lots of traits How much will it cost at the time of mint? A dollar. Or four quarters or 10 dimes or 100 pennies–– whatever .001 ETH is. 

Chris: Do you guys have a roadmap and what are the plans for the future?

William: I have a carpet with a roadmap on it but I’m not allowed to play cars anymore 

Chris: Are we legally allowed to be speaking to you at this moment? 

William: Depends what state you’re from.

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