Our Daily Changing NFT Art will Live on Forever as Long as the Ethereum Blockchain Exists — Creator’s Interview

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Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you’re playing in that blooming project?

Roman: I’m Roman! One of the founders of Electronic Team Inc. I’ve founded Avatizer and Ecotars, too! Born in Ukraine, currently living in Florida. My hobby is supercar renting.

Chris: Avatizer is a unique generative art project with a limited supply – what is the reason for the limited supply?

Roman: We don’t want to devalue our art. Without a limited supply, anyone could have an Avatizer. We’re making sure that only the most devoted art collectors can get one.

Chris: Great! Can you explain what 100% On-Chain Dynamic Algorithmic Art is?

Roman: It’s a new generation of NFT art! It’s fully stored on the blockchain, meaning that server outages or link fraud can’t affect it. This art will truly survive as long as the blockchain does!

Chris: The art is dope! Who are the artists of the project?

Roman: The initial sketch for Avatizer was created by german artist Andreas Preis! He is an impressive creator, having worked for Google, Nike, The Coca-Cola Company, and other corporations.

Chris: Can you expand on the context of Endless Art?

Roman: Endless Art means infinite possibilities. Each piece of Endless Art is always changing, and it’s statistically impossible to get the same image twice. No matter how much you look at it, it’s always worth seeing again.

Chris: Can you share most of the existing stops on your roadmap? 

Roman: Currently, we’re at the post-marketing stage. In the near future, we’re going to launch “Ugly Faces”, a new collection. It was designed by a different artist, and the art is amazing, Avatizer fans will definitely appreciate it.

Also, we want to partner with other art projects and galleries to attract as many art connoisseurs as possible.

Chris: How big is your community? How engaged it is? 

Roman: Our Twitter has about 50k followers. The Discord has approx. 20K+

But we’re still growing and looking for new people, our future holders that can’t imagine their life without art.

Chris: What are the mint price and other vital details? 

Roman: We’ve already minted, and the mint was totally FREE. It’s worth mentioning that pausing and continuing the image generation costs gas.

Chris: Any last word to our readers? 

Roman: We were glad to have you here! Good luck with your collections and investments! Note that the current floor price is a bargain. If you value real art, you’re welcome in our community!

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