NFT Holders Will Receive 40% of the Treasury Allocation for the Entire First Year — Creator’s Interview

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Chris: Let me start off by asking you what you consider to be the most unique about the Beast Protocol collection. What is the inspiration behind its creation?

BP team: Our inspiration was the desire to be innovative and create a next-level product for the crypto community. To have a utility behind our NFT collection. Through Beast Protocol’s tokenomics we’re able to invest in nodes and other staking protocols which generate returns and contribute to an ever-growing treasury. Those treasury funds are both compounded and distributed back to the holders of Beast NFTs, creating a reward system. 

Chris: Can you tell me more about your team? Who’s in charge and their backgrounds? 

BP team: Sure can. Our OG team is made up of 5 doxxed members; CEO Chris Imbarrato (USA), CTO Martin Timmermans (Netherlands), COO Carey White (Australia), Advisor AJ Julian (Germany), and  Advisor Paul Kaiser (Germany). The 6th member of our team is Robert Garrison (USA) who we brought on to be our head treasury advisor. 

Chris is a carpenter and real estate consultant in upstate NY, Carey is a teacher, Paul and AJ are both bankers in Germany and Martin works for the Dutch government (although we don’t really know what he does for the government, and at this point, we’re starting to think he may be a secret agent or spy). 

We’re very happy to report that no one member of our team is in charge or calls the shots. From the inception of Beast Protocol, we have been able to create a democratic hierarchy where each important decision is talked out and decided on together so that no one is left feeling as though they didn’t have a say or voice in any matter.

Chris: What are the benefits for the holders of the NFT? 

BP team: Absolutely. So I briefly touched on the treasury above, but what I didn’t talk about were the premier benefits that NFT holders receive in the first year of the treasury rewards being dispersed. When rewards start being dispersed, NFT holders will receive 40% of the treasury allocation for the entire first year. When compared to the 10% token holders will receive, we feel that is a huge bonus for NFT holders and sets us above any other collection with regards to utility. 

Chris: The Beast Protocol art is dope. Can you tell our audience about your artists/designers? 

BP team: Yeah, it was a real ‘stars aligning’ situation. There was a project out there that went belly-up upon launch due to a crooked dev. We all loved the artwork and branding on display and decided to reach out and introduce Beast Protocol to the team behind the graphics. One thing led to another and the next thing we knew we were going down the path of creating our own NFT collection with JR over at Ember Agency, creators of the soon-to-be-released Ember Token. 

As a fully doxed and transparent team, it’s a real pleasure and relief to work with other reputable teams in the crypto space. 

Chris: What are the different traits and features of the token? How is each token unique? Do you also have some rare traits?

BP team: So as with most NFT collections, we have differing rarities in our traits. Out of our collection of 3,333 NFTs, there are 3,000 unique male Beasts, a smaller rarer collection of 328 unique female ‘Beastettes’ (with completely different traits to their male counterparts), and an additional 5 completely different legendary NFTs with some super cool Easter eggs of the core team members to be found! The additional utility will be announced for the rarer NFTs, so stay tuned! 

Chris: Technicalities now… What will be the mint price of each Beast NFT, and when are you minting?

BP team: We have decided to set the mint price of our NFTs at 0.01eth for our OG and WL role holders in our Discord. After 24 hours from mint, we will then open minting up to the public, at a price of 0.02eth. We are minting very soon – September 3 at 9 am EST! 

Chris: So I read that OG role holders in Discord can mint 8 NFTs, and WL role holders can mint 4. How does one get OG or WL?

BP team: OG role holders are the most active members of our community – they tweet, they raid, they participate in games, they help new members coming in… all-around assets to the Beast community. You can gain WL by also being an active member in our community, by winning giveaways via games, or by winning collaborations with other communities! Don’t worry, the Beast team is always watching to find the next person deserving of OG!

Chris: Finally, please help us understand the key milestones you hope to achieve for the rest of 2022 and into 2023! 

BP team: Our third and fourth quarter goals for 2022 are simple; have an extremely safe and successful launch of our NFT collection on September 3rd and the same for our token at the beginning of October. We’ll continue to market the utility behind our NFTs and showcase how it acts as an access ticket into our treasury. With token funds being invested into node and staking protocols we’ll look to build a very healthy treasury between now and the end of the fourth quarter. 

Come to the start of 2023 we will put that utility on display when we start dispersing the treasury rewards to our holders. From there we will continually grow and compound our earnings, reward our holders and focus on the next stage of Beast Protocol development!

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