NFT Declared “Word of the Year” by Dictionary Stalwarts Collins

Word of the YearNFT

NFT Declared “Word of the Year” by Dictionary Stalwarts Collins

Notable wordsmith, Collins, of “the Dictionary” fame, has announced the winner of its annual terminology contest. It’s official, despite actually being an abbreviation, NFT is the word of the year 2021.

NFTs rose to prominence throughout 2021, a period that also marked the breakout year for the non-fungible token. A remarkable success, galvanized by a wide range of genuinely incredible projects, coupled with a dash of celebrity-driven hype. Back in May, NFTs made it into the Merriam-Webster book of words, and now in November, it is crowned champion.

Collins Dictionary, a group of educated folks who know all about words, and word-related trivia, have declared NFT the cream of the new crop. Overcoming stiff competition from the likes of Cheugy, Regencycore, and Neopronoun, whatever they mean, as well as Climate Anxiety, which is notable as being two words that already exist. Additional runners up, also making the top ten include further blockchain additions, “metaverse” and “crypto.”

Collins Learning Managing Director, Alex Beecroft, stated: “NFTs seem to be everywhere!”. We imagine wide-eyed and jittery, hair unkempt, as he constantly double-checks his periphery. Collins definition of the “word” NFT is as follows: “unique digital certificate, registered in a blockchain, that is used to record ownership of an asset such as an artwork or a collectible.”

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