“Let’s face it: people love betting. We love betting. Why not combine the two and create something special?” — Founder’s Interview

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In this fascinating interview, we are talking to Nick to present his lovely project, i.e. Mr. Gambler Club. Enjoy! 

Chris:  Can you tell me about the story behind the creation of the Mr.Gambler tokens? What inspired you to create the tokens?

Nick: There are really two beginnings to Mr. Gambler. The first started last February with a conversation I had with my brother (co-founder “Wolfgang”) about NFT utility. We were more or less green to the NFT scene and didn’t understand why most projects lack utility.

The constant snow storms outside had us both betting deep on NCAAB games and winning a crap ton (Couldn’t golf, so might as well bet). So we thought “Hey, why not sell these picks? People could actually make money.”

We had toyed with the idea for a while and grew it to be more than just sports picks: a full-blown community of gambling degens looking to win big together. A little corny but let’s face it: people love betting. We love betting. Why not combine the two and create something special?

The second beginning would be back in 2007 when Wolfgang (my brother) and Pablo (our Senior Risk Taker) met on the playground for the first time. 

As the joke goes with our families… One was destined to be an oncologist. The other is a professional athlete. In the end, those two took all their brain power and became gambling degens. “What a disappointment,” my mother may or may not have said. 

That “vibe” those two exude while betting on South Korean baseball at 2 am is what we’re looking for with Mr. Gambler. We want a crew of motley hooligans looking to go deep or go home. And to have a community that doesn’t bet with Vegas and instead with each other, without a rake.

Chris: Tell us about the artist behind the Art. 
Nick: Oh man, so I met Joey back in 2019 at the job working in online education and just hit it off. The man loves his bud lights, chicken wings, and 70’s classic rock. He lives and breathes the Degen lifestyle but not the way most people in the NFT space know. More like how our dads did. If I showed you his eclectic clothing style designed by Mr. Goodwill himself (he’s a person right?), you’d understand what I am saying.

As an artist and storyteller, Joey was the perfect choice for embodying the Degen aesthetic. It ain’t hard when you already live the lifestyle. But also, what makes Joey truly special as an artist is that when he puts his mind to it, anything is possible. And I mean that to the utmost extent. 

There is nothing this kid can’t do. And unlike many pretenders out there, he’s an artist that beats to his own drum.

I think his best skill is his ability to run with an idea. When I reached out to him about joining this project, I had a very, very basic outline of how I thought the art should look. 
“Make it look like an Amex card with a James Bond fellow in the center, or something. I don’t know, go with that.”

“Ok, yeah, sure that sounds doable. Get ya something by next week.”

Three months later, he came back with something completely different. Something that blew my mind. From there, he ran with it and built out a GENESIS collection we all are proud to call the focal art of our project. 
Joey has a ton of potential in the Web3 space. His unique style and take on the world make him truly special, and I cannot wait to see what else he has cooked up for future collections.

Chris: The whitelisted members are allowed to participate in the presale. How does one get on the whitelist? When is the presale?
Nick: First off, sign up on our Pre-Mint: https://www.premint.xyz/mr-gambler-jenesis-allowlist/
You’ll need to be following us on Twitter and Discord as well.
We’ll be holding a raffle for everyone who signs up. Through collaborations, we have reserved spots. 

Approximately 75 Degens will be chosen on September 4th.
Chris: What are the different traits and features of the token? How is each token unique? Do you also have some rare traits?
Nick: We have approximately 9 art layers, with around 9-11 variations per layer. These include Member Status, Mouth, Facial Hair, Eyewear, Hands, Clothes, Hair, Skin, and Background.

But while not the rarest, the most prestigious of these art layers is the GENESIS signature. Reserved for the 1,000 GENESIS collection, having this feature will unlock some of our biggest utilities as we continue to grow. Those holders are the OGs, and we want them to be the ultimate leaders of our community. 

The second most prestigious would be the Platinum status. This grants you Alpha Status, or, as we call them, “Disciples” that act as representatives of Mr. Gambler within and outside of the community. 
Chris: Moreover, what will be the price of each token at the public minting? What will be the minting process?
Nick: Pre-Sale: .06 ETH on September 7th, 2:00 pm EST (6:00 pm UST)
Public Sale: .08 ETH on September 8th, 2:00 pm EST (6:00 pm UST)
The process is simple – you will be able to mint on our website mrgambler.io at the appropriate time aforementioned above. 

We’re keeping this as simple as possible. 
Chris: Tell us about some significant targets on your roadmap this/next year. 
Nick: Our Vroom-Vroom Map is related back to the mint. You can check that out here.

Our big focus is developing a Peer-to-Peer product for betting within the community, without a rake, and expanding Mr. Gambler throughout the Web3 ecosystem. We also understand secondary sales are not a feasible revenue strategy for long-term success. Expanding and diversifying those revenue streams through the real world will be one of our biggest focuses for supporting the community. 

Tell us about what you’ve already brought to your community through Mr. Gambler. 

For the past 8 months, we’ve been providing daily free sports picks, live betting strategies, freeroll cash-prize poker games (2x a week), Pick’Em Challenges (even though baseball is a horrid sport to bet on), analysis from Mr. Gambler himself (hey, that’s me!), and horseracing plays.

Speaking of horseracing, we’re giving away ownership in an actual racing horse (NY or FL-based) as well as tickets to watch the NY Giants (most likely lose) with the Founders.

Why a horse race, you may ask, at which I say to you, “Why not?”

Chris: Where is Mr. Gambler 5 years from now?

Nick: There are so many avenues we can take with Mr. Gambler. Being centered in sports opens up unlimited opportunities compared to your normal NFT project. We have great ambitions. But that being said, we want to also be realistic right out of the gate. An ideal future for us brings us to our main goal since day one: open up The Wooded Bush Country Club in the metaverse – a gambling haven where members bet amongst each other while watching the big game together. Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Poker, and sports watching. Metaverse real estate with McMansions. Players on golf carts running amok of the place (think “The Simpsons Game” from 2007). 

Throwaway question: What sports and teams does Mr. Gambler love? 

The NY Giants. May god have mercy on Daniel Jones’ soul. That being said, I think they’re bound for a good, competent year. Coach Daboll, Martindale, and Kafka seem to understand modern-day football strategy and tactics.

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