Ledger Announced Its New Non-Fungible and Crypto Hardware Wallet

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The leading producer of crypto hardware wallets Ledger has long taken an NFT direction. Previously, this summer, the company started its non-fungible foray with the launch of its own NFT marketplace and web3 platform dubbed Ledger Market. And now, the big brand is making waves with another promising product related to NFTs.

The newest crypto and NFT custody wallet dubbed Ledger Stax comes as a logical continuation of the latest hardware products like Nano S Plus and Nano X. This time, Ledger is launching the new hardware wallet in partnership with the iconic designer of cutting-edge gadgets Tony Fadell, known for developing the iPod.

“It’s fun and easy to use, which is important,” Fadell commented on the new Ledger Stax model adding, “It wasn’t just about the hardware design, but we looked at all the customer journey from opening the website to this and reimagined all this to step up the experience not just for people who understand crypto but to invite more people into the fold.”

The new Ledger Stax by Fadel will not only look gorgeous but also promises to provide users with a safer and more accessible way of holding their crypto assets. A touchscreen device, powered by the Secure Element chip and Ledger’s proprietary OS, Ledger Stax offers uncompromised security. Against the background of recent major hacks and phishing attacks focused on NFT collectors with billions stolen, the new secure way of keeping NFTs and other digital assets comes at an opportune moment.

In addition to being a secure and stylish gadget, the new credit card-sized crypto wallet boasts superb functionality. Thus, Ledger Stax can manage NFT collections, alongside over 500 coins and digital assets. 

Now to new wallets with ergonomic, eye-catching designs. Ledger Stax has an E Ink display similar to a Kindle that is capable of showing holders’ NFTs even when it’s off. According to Ledger, the big-capacity battery with wireless charging allows the owners to use the gadget for weeks or even months without additional charge.

As for the gadget’s name, the word Stax appeared due to the integrated magnets, which allow stacking multiple wallets with each other.

As for technical specifications, they are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 85 mm × 54 mm × 6 mm (credit card length and width)
  • Security: Ledger EAL 5+ certified secure element
  • Screen type: E Ink (up to 16 grays), customizable always-on lock screen, capacitive touch
  • Screen resolution: 672 × 400 pixels
  • Weight: 45 g
  • Connectivity: USB C, Bluetooth 5.2
  • Magnet array for easy stacking
  • Qi wireless charging

Ledger Staxx will go on sale starting from Q1 2023 for $279 each on the company’s website as well as at retail stores like Best Buy in the U.S. 

Currently, to preorder a Ledger Stax and a free Magnet Shell as well as get exclusive access to the Art on Ledger Stax Generative Collection, all willing can mint the Ledger Stax NFT Bundle. Ledger Market Genesis Pass holders have priority access to the drop until December 13th. 

Would you like to secure your precious digital assets in a safe and trendy way? Sniff the wind for updates so as not to miss the start of sales of the brand-new Ledger Stax in the upcoming 2023!

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