Kitsumon Launches NFT Land Sale In Partnership With Top NFT And Gaming Platforms

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After a successful IDO and INO, Kitsumon has announced the details of their highly anticipated NFT land sale. This land sale is taking place in partnership with some of the top gaming and NFT platforms, including; Babylons, BalthazarDAO, DareNFT, and ScottyBeam.

Why is the NFT land sale important for the Kitsumon metaverse?

Land in the Kitsumon metaverse is a crucial element for gameplay. This is because players can use their land to level up their characters. By doing this, they can assume different roles, such as a cook, miner, alchemist, and more. Players will be able to be a master of one or jack of all trades. Everything they grow and craft in the Kitsumon world is represented as NFT assets that provide utilities to other gameplay modes.

Land in the Kitsumon World comes in 13 types of biomes. These include forest, oasis, snow, or the cursed forbidden forest. Different biomes affect players’ professions as well as gameplay. For example, mining in the badlands yields more gemstones, while you can only grow the mythical space mushrooms in the moon-touched biome.

25,000 plots of land will be available to purchase. These are divided into three categories, which are Standard, Special, and Premium. The different tiers of land type will unlock additional gameplay functionality, items, and quests.

Different land unlocks for different land categories

Kitsumon’s Special land category unlocks a Kitsu breeding station as well as additional crafting, alchemy, and cooking quests. Moreover, it also unlocks special potions and cooking recipes, and increased storage sizes. Premium Land has all the benefits of Special, plus additional quests for all professions, premium potions and cooking recipes, and triple-size storage.

Premium land plots will also be the only land type where players can build the exclusive “Kitsu Battle Arena” MOBA building. Here, players can host their own MOBA tournaments when the third game title “MOBA: Battle” comes out next year.

For private and public rounds, purchases will be held exclusively in $KMC on the Kitsumon Marketplace on November 3rd. Interested individuals can join the whitelist for land here.

About Kitsumon

Kitsumon is an NFT game that is all about collecting, breeding, and caring for adorable Kitsu pets. The game includes everything from play-to-earn professions like farming and fashion, an in-depth NFT breeding system, all the way to MOBA PvP modes, and land acquisition.

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