In the Nft Bear Market, Comes the Highly Aniticipated Stickaverse — Founder’s Interview

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As the vast world of NFTs continues to expand, and plenty of projects are minting every week, it is sometimes hard to separate the good from the bad. That hasn’t been the case with Stickaverse.

With over 500k Instagram followers, the project has become one of the most anticipated NFT collections yet, with minting starting 2 days ago nftcalender’s Chris had the chance to speak to the collection’s creator, Omar Aziz aka Twerky.

If you’re looking to become part of the ever-growing community, you can join the Stickaverse Twitter and Instagram

Chris:  I looked over your website and noted you have over 500,000 followers on Instagram.  How did you find the transition from Web2 to Web3?

Omar: It has been interesting. Memes on Instagram and NFTs have a lot in common.  What attracted me was the fun element and the current know-how of building communities. The Web3 technology really excites me – but building in a bear market hasn’t been as easy as expected. We are fully ready for when the market recovers. We built a team called Ceti Labs (based in the U.K)  Luckily, soon Instagram will release their NFT marketplace worldwide, so it will make things much easier (and Web3 ready)

Chris: What is the relationship between Stickaverse and the Metaverse, and what value will Ceti Lab bring to collectors?

Omar: Ceti Lab has combined our first generation Stick collection with our vision of building our own Metaverse. Partnerships and Collab are in the pipeline, but I can’t discuss too much right now. Alpha to collectors would be, HODL. Exciting airdrops are on the way for first generation holders. Our goal is to create our own Metaverse, where all Sticks are welcome. A place for everyone to relax, socialize and have fun.

Chris: How did you come up with the idea of Stick NFTs?

Omar: I have always enjoyed drawing and painting Stick figures. I am fascinated with their simplicity of them. The true universal language is Sticks – without boundaries of cultures etc, it’s the first thing all humans can draw from childhood. Sticks date back to pre-historic days when our ancestors drew stick people inside caves. When I heard about NFT technology, I jumped at the chance to make this collection. The 10,000 Stickaverse collections are actually hand-made (and then generated using the layers)

Chris: What are your thoughts on Instagram introducing an NFT marketplace?

Omar: It’s exciting news. I think eventually blockchain technology will eventually consume all industries – whether consumers realize it or not. NFTs on Instagram will play a key role in Stickaverse’s success, and we are patiently waiting for the rollout in the UK. I think it is a matter of time, for all other big companies to do the same – whether it be for art, music or movies.  

Chris: Where can collectors buy a Stick NFT?

Omar: The Mint went live two days ago. NFTs can be bought for 0.01 ETH (current price of $13) via – the supply of 9,999 are on the Ethereum blockchain.  One Stick NFT per Wallet 

Chris:  Best case scenario, where would you like to see Stickaverse in the next 3 years?

Omar: NFTs to Ceti Labs, is what books were to Amazon. We are very early in this race, but our goal is to give consumers excellent products, with excellent distribution and excellent marketing. In 3 years – best case scenario – we will be number one in the Metaverse.

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