Hot Topic Halloween Collection of Wearables Hit the Roblox Grounds

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The alternative clothing brand Hot Topic, famous for its dark, gothic designs, is the latest fashion retailer to test the web3 waters. The company has partnered with Roblox, the largest metaverse entry for brands, to dip a toe into web3 gaming. The collaboration resulted in the series of spooky digital wearables with Hot Topic’s distinctive touch dubbed the Halloween Forever Collection. The Super League Gaming company, which specializes in bringing brands to the metaverse through web3 gaming, became the bridge between Hot Spot and Roblox.

The ten-piece Halloween-themed set includes Hot Topic cosplay hats, die-cut sunglasses, figural mini-backpacks, and other branded items that were digitally processed by Roblox skilled designers specifically for this release. Currently, all Roblox players can purchase the wearables for their avatars in anticipation of the Halloween dressing up. On top of that, the black and orange sweater and beanie with the Hot Topic logo from the 90s are also on sale physically through brick-and-mortar and online stores, adding a throwback flair to the whole Halloween Forever Collection.

Fans can try on and purchase the VR clothing pieces via the Roblox avatar shop and Hot Topic pop-up shops spread across three iconic Roblox games: The Floor is Lava!, Speed Run 4, and Catalog Outfit Creator, which highlight the campaign. 

We’re very excited to launch our Roblox integration. This partnership will allow Hot Topic to create an experience that exemplifies our brand in the metaverse. Dropping this Halloween merch in the Roblox avatar shop while simultaneously offering physical replications of key items online and in Hot Topic stores is a dream scenario to satisfy Hot Topic fandom both in the Roblox ecosystem and IRL,” Andrea Lewis, vice president of marketing for Hot Topic commented on the collab.

According to Ed Labay, senior vice president of merchandise and marketing for Hot Topic, the time for the collection’s launch was a perfect fit, as Halloween is the best period to bring the dark-themed Hot Spot’s DNA to the metaverse.

Since its launch, the Halloween Forever Collection campaign has attracted over a million players. For now, the Hot Topic pop-up shop, which was integrated into famous Roblox games, has already crossed the mark of 900,000 players, with over 1.2 years of total playtime.

Interestingly, while this campaign is the first-ever for Hot Topic, Roblox, in its turn, already has a couple of blue-chip team-ups under its belt, including those with Walmart and Spotify.

Just log in with Roblox or sign up with the metaverse game to dress your virtual self into a Halloween look by Hot Topic!

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