Gutter Cat Gang NFT Collection Announces Partnership With Puma

Gutter cat gang NFT teased a poster indicating a collaboration with PUMA. The NFT community can expect a drop featuring the brand’s merchandise soon.

Simultaneously, Lazy Lion NFT also announced a partnership with PUMA. Looks like PUMA is all into the Web 3 like Adidas or NIKE. The company even changed its Twitter handle to an ENS domain.

What does the Gutter Cat Gang NFT community think about the collaboration?

Positively, the members welcomed the association wholeheartedly. Several comments like “I’ve waited long enough”, “super smart move” or “welcome to the family” clearly show excited the Gutter Cat Gang NFT community is.

The Roadmap

In December last year, the Gutter Gang NFT released their roadmap for 2022. Where they mentioned several events and collaborations. Moreover, they plan to release two DAOs. Other mentions included future collaborations with established NFTs, the release of new merchandise, the launch of two editions of GCG’s comic books, an animated series, music records, among others.

Gutter Cat Gang is a club-based NFT Collectible Project featuring 3000 cat avatars that unlock exclusive “gang” activities and perks. To clarify, the model is quite similar to the wildly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club, NFT collectibles topping the charts.

The project was launched back on June 4 with a mint price of 0.07 ETH. The project also launched an exclusive Metaverse town on The Sandbox. To explain, Gutter City has underground gambling, in-game events, and catfight clubs added to the project’s branding. Graphic artist @VoxelBlaze is in charge of creating 3D Voxel Gutter Cats. With these 3D cats, players are able to play as their  NFT in a Sandbox. The best part? It’s free for all Gutter Cat NFT holders!

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