Google Cloud CEO Detailed the Company’s Web3 and Metaverse Plans in Partnership with Coinbase

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On October 11th, Google Cloud held its annual event dubbed Google Cloud Next 2022, which was mainly devoted to the metaverse and web3. The top-notch partnership with the leading crypto trading platform Coinbase was also on the agenda. According to Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, Coinbase chose Google Cloud to build an advanced exchange and data services.

Google started preparing for the metaverse about a year ago as part of the initiative, entitled Project Starline. This technology project is aimed at creating a coworking virtual space, bringing people together, even though they are cities apart. The software creates a 3D model of a person, providing the feeling of the in-room presence of your colleagues, erasing the distance between them.

Currently, after thousands of hours of diligent tests in Google’s offices and meetings with partners, the results can be called really promising.

We’re announcing a new partnership with Coinbase, which has selected Google Cloud to build advanced exchange and data services. We will also enable select customers to pay for cloud services via select cryptocurrencies by using Coinbase Commerce,” Google Cloud CEO commented on the partnership.

Another Google initiative is forwarded on helping web3 developers and companies with scaling, security, and data storing to take these burdens off their shoulders, so they can focus on innovation. Thus, Google is about to roll out the most open, extensible, and robust data cloud, to guarantee seamless data access from multiple sources. Moreover, the brand-new data cloud will be compatible with a variety of storage formats and analytics styles to the users’ choice.

Today, we’re announcing our next phase of testing with an early access program with enterprise partners such as Salesforce, T-Mobile, and others. Starting this year, we’ll be deploying units in select partner offices for regular testing,” Kurian continued.

Among other innovations announced, the Google Cloud CEO noted the update for Google Workspace. Thus, the adaptive framing reach thanks to AI-powered cameras by Huddly and Logitech during Google Meet conferences, will allow everyone to see each person in the conference room clearly. Moreover, the new technological solution increases the conference participants’ engagement allowing them to embed their videos directly in Google Slides.

Kurian also announced the expansion of Google Cloud’s coverage over five new regions, including Austria, Greece, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden. With these five, Google Cloud currently covers a total of 48 live and announced regions, throughout more than 200 jurisdictions.

While about 1,300 new products and features were released by Google Cloud during the first half of 2022, the company will definitely overperform these results by the end of the year, looking back at the current press release.

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