Doodles Takes the NFT World by Storm

While the wider crypto world weathers the latest downturn, the NFT side of operations appears to be enjoying itself. Floor prices are up, trading is through the roof, and on-boarders are getting more ETH for their dollar than they have done for months.

One collection taking things particularly well is Doodles. Since late December, this unassuming collection of 10k algorithmically generated hand-drawn characters has seen a surge in interest. The floor price is verging on 10 ETH, and the trading volume recently broke 50k ETH. Right now, it’s sitting pretty atop the OpenSea rankings tree.

What’s more, keeping up with the more traditional monkey trend, a rare “Golden Ape” Doodle just changed hands for the equivalent of approximately $900k. Notable DJ, Steve Aoki and legendary NFT collector, Snoop Dogg, both hold Doodles in their impressive collections.
Based around the works of artist, Burnt Toast, Doodles arrived on the blockchain on October 17 2021, initially minting for a mere 0.123 ETH a piece. Following which, word got around and interest grew steadily, before spiking in late December, part of the draw in the keen focus on community engagement. As such, owners can vote on treasury decisions, based on a mighty war chest seeded with 420 ETH following the public sale.

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