Danny Cole Releases NFT Artwork In Partnership with Devotion: Splat!

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New York based-artist Danny Cole has partnered with Devotion to drop a new NFT collection, Splat. This is the first project from NFT influencer Andrew Wang’s Web3 project, Devotion. In essence, the collection features 1,000 Soup Cans which the buyer can “splat” on an NFT of their choice. If that made you think of the recent Van Gogh tomato soup incident, congratulations, you hit the nail on the head! 

Here’s all you need to know about Splat by Danny Cole x Devotion and its Van Gogh connection:

About Splat by Danny Cole x Devotion

For its first NFT project, Devotion decided to collaborate with Danny Cole to do something “fun”. The project takes a cue from the recent event where ‘Just Stop Oil’ activists threw tomato soup at Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ at the National Gallery in London. The demonstration follows a string of recent protests against fossil fuel production.

Similarly, through the Splat NFT collection, users can purchase a Soup Can NFT. Then, “once museum security goes down”, collectors can splat it on an NFT of their choice. 

“Van Gogh wasn’t safe from the sauce, and now, neither are your JPEGs,” tweeted Wang. “Some would call us vandals; we prefer the term permissionless collaborators.”

How to mint Splat NFTs?

You can mint the Splat NFTs directly from the collection’s smart contract (If you are unsure how to mint from the contract, our Etherscan guide will be of help). Each NFT costs 0.05 ETH and you can only mint one per wallet. According to Wang, “splatting” begins at about 10:30 pm EST tonight.

Once splatting begins, users can enter their Soup Can’s token ID, their target NFT’s contract address, and the NFT’s token ID on Etherscan. “We extract the image data of your selected NFT direct from the contract (very sneaky),” Wang added. “Then,!SPLAT.” Furthermore, you can splat an NFT only once.

All things considered, Splat is certainly an innovative project. But as Deadfellaz’s Betty pointed out, “It would be cool for some funds to go to climate action causes if they’re not already.”

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