Announce Beta Launch of NFT Marketplace took to Twitter to announce their plans to launch their very own NFT platform. The forthcoming NFT marketplace will allow its 79 million wallet users to securely purchase, sell and store NFTs inside their wallets.

The platform will be powered by OpenSea, and is still in its beta stages. Their first call of public activity has been to get individuals to sign up to their waiting list which opened on December 2nd. wrote in a blog post that their decision to launch their own NFT platform comes after observing far too many complex and unintuitive challenges within the NFT space. The company claim that such challenges are similar to those which were seen in the early days of crypto, and that through launching their own NFT platform, they want to reduce such complexities and make accessing the NFT market just as easy as it is to access the modern day crypto market. joins the likes of crypto exchanges Binance and FTX.US, who launched their own respective NFT marketplaces earlier this year. Coinbase also announced that it would be launching an in-house marketplace for NFTs in October, and although it is still in the beta stages of development, its waiting list for the product amassed over 1 million sign ups in less that 24 hours.

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