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Be the King in NFT World

Art Design

Simple and Medium Arts Design traits

Smart Contract

Smart Contract Writing, Deployment on Testnet and Mainnet

Discord Promotion

Configuration of Discord Bots, Shill crypto and NFT Discord servers

Web and Web3 Development

Front-end Development and Web3 integration

Programmatically Art items & Meta Data Generation

According to complexity of rarity and percentage


Our marketing services are custom-designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses that need to optimize their sales performance.  We offer our NFT promotion services and strategy consulting as part of a complete “one-stop solution” or offer our services unbundled.

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Located in the wet and swampy region of the metaverse, you can find 5,000 adorable swaggy HypeHippos Female Edition stomp-ing around on the ETH blockchain.

Crazy Cyber Bunny NFT Game

In the depths of the burning blockchain, They battle each other for survival, Crazed, and cursed they battle their rivals. Insane, demented, cyber bunnies causing chaos in the arena.


Welcome to the first ever character-driven NFT story, told through 8 escaped species over 12 months. This is not your usual NFT collection. It’s a serious project with a long-term vision that has been designed to create value for our community now.

Angry Teddies

AngryTeddies is a collection of uniquely generated 3D 5555 NFTs that roam the Solana web. Our main commitment is to provide the greatest value to the members of our community. In doing so, we have spent countless hours ensuring that the artwork and features are top-notch.


The Infernity Welcome into The Infernity. 9,999 Guardians to protect Eden ⚔️ Created by @jonathanplesel & @thibaultzeller

Froggos NFT

Our goal is to provide our community with some of the highest quality pixelated NFT’s that exist in the Solana Blockchain. We pay high attention to detail and try to make our frogs look like the paparazzi are right outside waiting to get a snap! Each Froggo will be tailored with manually selected attributes to ensure the highest quality possible. In the midst of one of the scariest eras in human history.

Digitz NFT

Not another knock-off pfp project! Devs that eat after their community is fed! Bounty system, exclusive access to alpha and future drops! Digitz isn’t about the art. We’re not some greedy assholes looking to pump out a shitty pfp project and then walk with your money. Digitz is community driven, and we plan on rewarding the community. With 69—yes, SIXTY NINE—ethereum after mint. Except for @Fish Lips#6341. He gets nothing.

Meta Army

THE FIRST ARMY OF THE METAVERSE HAS ARRIVED. An exclusive blockchain collection of 7,500 battle ready soldiers to serve as the first line of defense in the future world.

Samurai Doge

The Samurai Doge doubles up as your unique character in the upcoming game “Samurai Doge - Battlefield”. Each player needs a minimum of 1 Samurai Doge to join the game as you battle for glory and rewards.

Kiss and Roy

Kiss and Roy is an immersive art world created by Los Angeles based artist Max Archos. Our 10K NFT Collection is minting November 2021. Your ownership of any NFT in this collection is an exclusive pass for all Metaverse events, exclusive music, merch releases and more.

One Donuts Bakery

The One Donuts is a collection of 5000 generative Donuts with hundreds of elements inspired by the Blender Tutorials Each part of artwork is original, with its own color palette and creation. The objective was to make each Donuts awesome to prioritize art above the rarity

Oki’s World

Each Oki avatar is unique and programmatically generated from over 250 characteristics including horns, expressions, headwear, clothes, and more. All Oki NFTs will be stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Oki NFTs cost 0.08 ETH each with five (5x) 1/1 Special Edition Animated Scenes that are 6ETH each.

The Royal Babies

Royal Babies are a collection of 10,000 unique cartoon children that represent high status. Our goal is to create an NFT collection that symbolizes prestige and luxury. Each of the Royal Baby NFTs is programmatically generated and made up of a unique combination of Clothes, Glasses, Environments and Accessories, each with varying rarities. They will be brought to you on a gas free, carbon neutral, Layer-2 Ethereum solution thanks to our partnership with Immutable X.


CryptoRugs is a limited collection of 5555 stylish and unique digital rugs. Each rug commemorates a noteworthy exploit, hack, or rugpull in cryptocurrency history.

Giga Garden LSD

A collection of digital flowers created by an AI. Get exclusive access to future events Owning a flower grants access to the Garden, a place where the third eye awakens and blooms flowers from the deepest corners of your mind.


ACID KIDZ is a trippy, spaced-out NFT collection featuring 8008 unique psychedelic avatars, created by a combinatorial algorithm based on a trait library of over 250 acid assets designed by a cosmic consciousness. ACID KIDZ are for the dreamers, the ravers, the hippies, the clubbers, the hallucinators, the visionaries and for everyone that can feel the connection to acid vibrations!


A collection of 4500 DOGOs on the Ethereum blockchain to bridge the Physical & Meta worlds. Every DOGO is randomly generated from combination of 200+ hand drawn traits by a team of experienced designers and inspired by a famous Instagram blogger and crypto enthusiast

The Highest Office

Ever feel like some of the most powerful people in the world are just as stoned as you are? Well, now they are. Introducing “The Highest Office”, an exclusive community bound together by 8400 unique figureheads (yep 420x20) stoned forever on the Blockchain. Our art might make us the funniest collection on the OpenSea, but our community is why you’ll stay for years.

Cool Cats & Kittens

Our official collaboration with Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue. The roadmap includes Adopting Big Cats. 7,777 unique NFTs stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. White List sale Nov 23rd, 2021 - Those with an EBRC NFT gain automatic access.

About our services

NFT Marketing Pros’ goal is to deliver a customized, results-oriented strategy accompanied by an array of services that produce consistent results. We specialize in marketing research, consulting, strategy, and implementation. As part of your marketing strategy, we attract qualified prospects to your brand by providing interesting and exciting information to help educate your prospects while building and strengthen your NFT projects’ community.

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NFT KingMaker is the real deal. Knowledgeable and they really care to help you about NFT's. 5 stars all the way.
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Willing to learn and grow with this fantastic community. They have great deal always Keep it up, let's go!
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I have been using the service and it is great value for your money! With only one good call you can make back what you pay plus profit. It is a very organized discord and it has many channels talking about all NFT related topics.
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NFT KingMaker is amazing. Ever since I was invited as an influencer this has been a crucial piece in terms of where I interact with the NFT Space and source knowledge. I highly recommend it!
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They have great services ever. They worked for my NFT company. They have management in good way ever.
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